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Güncel E2 Plugin RussianMediaPark 27.8


Plugin RussianMediaPark 19.2
- fixed ZfilmHD.Org resource​
- Fixed crash in the resource Only-TV.Org​
- Fixed crash in the resource Mediabox.Uz​
- the second fantastic thematic resource Fantastika-online.Ru has been added. Record bolted to the favorites connected​
Version 19.1
- fixed output of posters in the resource ZfilmHD.Org​
- Fixed crash in the resource Kinogo.By​
- fixed site window for images of Blackhole and VTI​
- fixed display of serials in the resource Baskino.Co​
- added numerous excellent selections in the resource Baskino.Co​
Version 19.0
- redesigned the principle of output posters-pictures in sections. To download posters, the work over the https protocol was redone, to bypass SSL. Especially it concerns the output of posters on Kinogo.By, Uafilm.Tv. And in the rest of the resources between the films in the sections began to switch faster.​
- the OK-T.V.Org resource was corrected, in the TV section. Not showing off on the site ....​
- Fixed crash in the resource Kino-v-HD.Com​
- the item Scrolling Text for OpenPlay is returned to the plugin menu and is disabled by default. Include only if your receiver does not slow down.​

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RussianMediaPark 24.2

created our own servicelist for TV resources and playlists with a complete list of channels as ExtraChannelSelection plugin with picons and full information.
So far, all this is only for the resource Mediabox.Uz
- changed pictures for vti
Picons are already embedded in the plugin, nothing needs to be done to display picons, the plugin will pick it up .....


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RussianMediaPark 27.8

author ака Учкун

- the resource Edem.Tv is fully connected. This is not a free resource, but a playlist from Eden is required.

- fixed Ok-Tv.Org resource

- the resource Online-Allsports.Com.Ua has been fixed

- fixed page switching in Uakino.Club resource

- a search for the red button on the base VideoDb Cinema is temporarily deleted

- added directory / media / usb / movie / to select the location of local playlists

- fixed Yohoho search

Installation: unpack the archive, put the plugin in the tmp folder of the receiver.

In Telnet, give the command:

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