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Katılım:13 Haz 2017
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@Oberhesse has made some changes to the piconmanager.

Picon-by-reference detection converts IP channels (4097:1.....) to the syntax "1:1...".
References containing a name (e.g. #SERVICE 1:0:19:2B66:3F3:1:C00000:0:0::ZDF) are now processed correctly.

The following enhancements have been made to the picon-by-name recognition:
The complete list will be read in advance and translated into a shorter syntax
(e.g. "RTL HD" to "rtl", "WDR HD Aachen" to "wdr").
For each channel the name is also reduced before downloading (e.g.
"RTL Austria" to "rtl") and matched with the picon-by-name list.
Then the matching picon is picked out.
This procedure has the advantage that by-name designations are recognized
are recognized more flexibly and several by-name-picons are no longer
(with the addition "HD").

The local picon name will also be checked again, because the Picon Buddy will allow a new by-name syntax in the future.
If "ZDF HD.png" is to be downloaded, but /usr/share/picon/zdf.png is stored locally, this name will continue to be used.

thank @NaseDC & @Oberhesse

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